Maisie Gregory: The little girl hit by soldier in front of the queen – Video

Maisie Gregory was the adorable little girl who had her precious moment with Queen Elizabeth II ruined after she got smacked by an inattentive soldier trying to salute the Queen.

Cute little Maisie had just curtsied and presented the Queen with a bouquet but as the Queen turned to head into the hall, the soldier beside Maisie raised his hand at once to salute Her Majesty, and in the process accidentally smacking Maisie’s head.

The 6-year-old girl broke into tears but was immediately helped by people standing beside her.

Watch the video when a soldier smacked Maisie Gregory in front of the Queen:

The incident happened in June 2015, but even after five years, it is still being talked about today.

A video of the incident posted on YouTube has been viewed more than 21 million times.

Though she cried hard when she got hit by the soldier, the incident later turned Maisie Gregory to sort of a child celebrity in the UK and many other places.

She was also heavily written about in the media during that period and was interviewed by several media houses.

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