Is Friday (May 14th) a public holiday in Nigeria?

Following the delayed sighting of the moon and the subsequent moving of Eid al-Fitr celebration to Thursday, the Nigerian online space has been buzzing with questions about whether Friday has become a public holiday as well.

The true answer to the question of if Friday, May 14th, 2021, has been declared a public holiday in Nigeria is NO.

Friday (May 14th) has not been declared a national holiday in Nigeria. However, some state governments have used their capacity to add Friday to the holidays but only within their state.

For instance, the Jigawa State government made an announcement today declaring Friday (May 14th) a public holiday in the state.

This announcement is for the state only and residents of other states cannot observe it. Another state that has extended their Eid-al-Fitr holidays to Friday is Kano.

For emphasis sake – the Federal Government only declared Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th May as public holidays to mark the 2021 Eid-ul-Fitr celebration.

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2 Comments on “Is Friday (May 14th) a public holiday in Nigeria?”

  1. The answer should be yes because the declaration was before the sighting of the moon. Do the needful to announce Friday as public holiday.

  2. Ministry of interior led by Aregbesola are as confused as the APC Federal Government.
    Why do we have incompetent people leading us?

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