Top 25 deep captions for your Instagram posts

Looking for the perfect Instagram caption that will have your followers going full reflection mode? Though often paid little attention to, the captions you add to your social media posts can work magic in the lives of the people who follow you.

Some people have admitted to making life-changing decisions following an encounter with an insightful Instagram caption.

Here are top 25 deep captions you can use on your Instagram posts:

1. Life is not a destination but a journey. Don’t focus only on the destination, so you don’t lose out on the pleasures. Enjoy the journey just as much.

2. Do more action, and less talking. Let your success and victories speak for you.

3. Never let them know your next move. Stay unpredictable, but keep it moving.

4. Money really isn’t everything. Happiness is free, but you have to create it for yourself.

5. If your happiness is only tied to money, you may never be truly happy, because money is never enough!

6. Your destiny is in your hands, so never allow anyone to talk you out of your greatness. Remember you’re the shvt!

7. A picture is worth a thousand words, so I can afford to keep this caption short.

8. Never judge a book by its cover. Read the synopsis at least.

9. If you don’t know where you’re going, you can never get there. Define your path in life, stay focused, and then enjoy the damn journey.

10. Listen to your heart. Many times, the truth lies within what it tells you.

11. It’s okay to feel down sometimes. Life overwhelms us all. But never EVER stay down.

12. Life has no rules – just LIVE!

13. Dance while you still have legs. Smile while you still have teeth. Live while you still have breath.

14. Never waste a second regretting things you did or didn’t do – Accept the life you have now and make the most out of it.

15. Failure is not permanent – only the decision to quit is.

16. Determination is the key to success. Where all other factors are present and equal, it many times comes down to who wants it the most.

17. Fear is one thing that keeps you from greatness.

18. If you want to get to the other side, make the first step.

19. Life is full of ups and downs – keep your head up when you are down and your shoulders down when you are up.

20. In life we all don’t have the same opportunities – just thrive wherever you are.

21. Life is not a business establishment – there are no competitors.

22. It doesn’t matter how long we lived but how well.

23. Remember to only stay where you are happy.

24. Be kind to everybody but never allow yourself to be taken for a ride.

25. Time truly heals – but you’ve got to allow it to. Don’t leave before the benediction.

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