5 Best Romantic Movies For A Couple’s Evening Leisure

A romantic relationship happens when two individuals get attracted to each other. Furthermore, when these two people get connected to each other, a romantic bond has been formed. Now that the romantic bond has been formed, the next step is to nurture it so that it blossoms. One of the ways of nurturing your relationship is by constant interaction.

These interactions can be in the form of going on dinner nights, picnics, shopping, watching movies, and lots more. For the purpose of this article, we would focus on watching movies, specifically romantic ones as a form of interaction for couples. 

Romantic Movies To Bring a Couple Closer

Watching romantic movies can be one of the best forms of interaction for romantically attached individuals who want to nurture their love. Movie times are arguably the best time to bond as couples, especially when it is done at the right time which is preferably evening times. 

Watching movies during leisure time is also advisable. When couples relax to watch a movie, especially romantic movies, it creates a good avenue to learn something new and meaningful that will definitely help their relationship. This is because what they are watching are simply depictions of human characters and behaviour that are more romantically related. So it is possible for the man to learn how to love his woman better, the kind of things she likes and most importantly how she feels. In the same vein, the woman can also learn insightful things about her man. 

This in the long run can help create a better synergy between the love birds and also keep the momentum going. Next time you are inviting your significant other over for the weekend, ensure you take time in selecting good romantic movies that the both of you can watch and also enjoy together. Now some of these movies might be closed by Geo-location, so if you are experiencing any difficulty trying to stream them, you can easily use a VPN to unblock Netflix or any other streaming platform closed by geolocation. VPN changes your virtual location and removes geo-restriction by showing your virtual address in another country.

With all these being said, let’s dive into a few of the best romantic movies that are suitable for a couple’s evening time:


This movie is about a young girl who was locked inside her room since she was born with a rare disease. But fortunately, she found solace by crushing on a cute young guy that she has been seeing through her window.

2. 365 DAYS

This movie was an instant hit on its release that its sequel had to be made. The movie is all about a Warsaw woman who fell in love with a Sicilian drug kingpin after he kidnapped her for three hundred and sixty-five days. It is an interesting movie that couples can stream with their smart television, if you are using a smart television for streaming content and movies online. 


Titanic is a classic romantic movie so captivating that the couple will be glued to their screen without being tired. The lead actor Leonardo Dicaprio plays the role of a poor artist who saves the life of a young lady, who was contemplating suicide because of her arranged marriage to an aristocratic man. Dicaprio saves the young lady from jumping into the ocean and this immediately sparked a romantic connection between them. The movie is filled with love, sorrow, suspense and courage. 


Can you actually guess what would happen if a girl from a small town falls in love with a bank robber? If you can get into your imaginative mind, you will definitely understand why this movie is so intriguing. The movie which was the cinematic adaptation of Bonnie and Clyde will leave you stuck in a single place for its total duration. The movie Bonnie and Clyde is about a small-town girl who falls deeply in love with a serial bank robber. And they formed a formidable partnership that would allow them to raid banks from Oklahoma to faraway Texas. The movie is filled with suspense, love, death, courage, and romance. It is highly recommended for romantic couples.


Samson is another romantic movie that I would recommend for couples to watch during their leisure times, especially if they are of the Christian faith. The movie is the adaptation of the Biblical character Samson, who was born to a barren woman. He was covenanted to the Hebrew God Yahweh, who instructed that his locks were never to be shaven off because that was his source of strength and power. He was destined to set the children of Israel free from Palestinian oppression. But due to his lust, he was seduced by a Palestinian woman called Delilah.

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