6 signs that show your Nigerian girlfriend doesn’t love you

In a perfect world, everyone will be dating (and marrying) the love of their life. But this is not that world. I have always said this: one of the rarest things to find in every society is two people with an equal amount of love and commitment for each other. One person is usually loving more, or is being loved more.

However, love doesn’t have to be equal for companionship to work. In fact, it should rather be “complementary”. As long as you admire and respect the person enough, the affection will balance out. Also, affection in a relationship is often dynamic so all it really takes to start is an adequate amount of attraction and respect.

In some obvious cases though, the love is just not there. Like literally dead.

Here are 6 top signs that show your Nigerian girlfriend is not in love with you:

1. She doesn’t miss you

If you have been away for more than 48 hours and your Nigerian babe has not tried to reach you, call or text, unless they are kidnapped, they clearly don’t feel deep things for you.

2. She doesn’t enjoy your company

When you love somebody, you can be with them inside one room and not know when days pass. If you find your Nigerian girlfriend constantly withdrawing from your company, or finding excuses to skip being with you, it’s another sign that you don’t own her heart.

3. She gets annoyed by you easily

One of the most magical things about love is that it makes us blind to another person’s imperfections. A person who earlier said they can’t stand a farting partner in another month might be engaging in a farting competition with a new boo they have fallen in love with. If your girlfriend constantly acts annoyed at everything you do, then it might be time to think twice about your position in her life.

4. She bills you without mercy

Nigerian girls like money, it is a known fact, but when they fall in love, they tend to lose that attribute, or tone it down. Even a call girl can easily spend her daily earnings on the man she has fallen in love with. If your girlfriend is constantly billing you, demanding and making requests without giving anything in return other than maybe intimacy, it might be a sign that you are not the one.

5. She doesn’t show you off

Nigerian girls don’t keep quiet about the man they love. If she loves and accepts you, you will be all over her Instagram and Whatsapp. If your girlfriend doesn’t post you, it is a big sign that she hasn’t accepted being taken and probably still keeping her options open.

6. She doesn’t enjoy intimacy with you

When a Nigerian girl loves you, you don’t even need to do much to get her satisfied. Ordinary acts of love will easily get her to her peak, and keep her coming back for more. But if the act has taken the shape of a chore for her, then maybe you have been barking up the wrong tree.

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