Who are Frank Grillo’s wives and children?

Who is Frank Grillo?

Frank Grillo is an American actor, popularly known for his work in movies like “The Purge” series, “Donnybrook” and “Reprisal”. Grillo is also famous for portraying “Brock Rumlow” also known as Crossbones in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Frank Grillo’s full name is Frank Anthony Grillo. He was born on June 8, 1965, in New York City, New York, United States. Frank Grillo is currently 58 years old.

About Frank Grillo’s parents and siblings

Frank Grillo’s parents are Italian-Americans of Calabrian origins. However, not much is currently known about them. It is known that Grillo is quite close to his Italian mom Roz Grillo.

Frank Grillo is the oldest of three children. He has two siblings: a sister called Marisa and a brother named Vincent.

About Frank Grillo’s marriage and wedding

As of the time of publishing this article (August 2023), Frank Grillo is a divorced single man and has no wife. Grillo has been married and divorced twice, first to Kathy Grillo (his first wife) in 1991 and then to Wendy Moniz in 2000 after he and Kathy divorced.

Frank Grillo was recently in a relationship with Nicky Whelan.

About Frank Grillo’s past relationships

  1. Frank Grillo got married to Kathy Grillo in 1991.
  2. Frank Grillo got married to Wendy Moniz in 2000.
  3. Frank Grillo dated Nicky Whelan in 2020.

About Frank Grillo’s marriage to Kathy Grillo

Kathy Grillo is the ex-wife of Frank Grillo. They started dating in 1990 and got married a year later in 1991. They welcomed a son, Remy in 1997. Sadly, they divorced in 1998 after 7 years of marriage.

Not much is currently known about Frank Grillo’s first wife Kathy Grillo except that she heads Verizon’s public policy and government affairs operations in Washington. Kathy is a private person and shares very little about her personal life in the media.

Kathy Grillo.

About Frank Grillo’s marriage to Wendy Moniz

Wendy Moniz is an American television actress. She has worked in television series like “House of Cards”, “Yellowstone” and “Betrayal”. Wendy Moniz was born on January 19, 1969, in Kansas City, Missouri, the United States and is currently 54 years old.

Moniz was previously married to David Birsner. She met Frank Grillo on the set of the television soap opera, “Guiding Lights” in 1996. At the time of their initial meeting, Frank Grillo was married to Kathy Grillo. However, Frank Grillo and Wendy Moniz did not start dating until after Frank Grillo’s divorce from Kathy Grillo. They officially tied the knot on October 28, 2000. They have two sons together.

Sadly, they called it quits in 2020, after about 19 years of marriage.

Frank Grillo and his second wife Wendy Moniz.

About Frank Grillo’s relationship with Nicky Whelan

Nicky Whelan is an Australian actress and model known for her work in movies like “Halloween II” and “The Outside”. She was born on May 10, 1981, in Cranbourne, Victoria, Australia and is currently 42 years old.

Whelan was previously married to American football player Kerry Rhodes. Frank Grillo and Nicky Whelan first sparked dating rumours in 2020 when they were seen kissing outside a popular Los Angeles restaurant. However, in November 2020, when asked about the state of his relationship with Whelan, Grillo replied:

“No, that’s over. I’m single.”

From all indications, Grillo’s relationship with Whelan was short-lived.

Frank Grillo and his ex-girlfriend Nicky Whelan.

About Frank Grillo’s kids

Frank Grillo has three children (all boys): one from his first marriage to Kathy Grillo and two from his second marriage to Wendy Moniz.

Frank Grillo and his first son Remy Grillo.

1. Remy Grillo

Remy Grillo was born in 1997 to Frank Grillo and Kathy Grillo. He was raised by Frank Grillo and Wendy Moniz after Grillo and Kathy divorced. He is currently 26 years old.

2. Liam Grillo

Liam Grillo was born in August 2004 to Frank Grillo and Wendy Moniz. He is currently 18 years old.

Frank Grillo and his three sons pictured together.

3. Rio Joseph Grillo

Rio Joseph Grillo was born in 2008 to Frank Grillo and Wendy Moniz. He is currently 15 years old.

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