Full story of Tracy Edwards, Tony Hughes and all Jeffrey Dahmer victims

Who is Jeffrey Dahmer?

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer was a cannibalistic American serial killer and sex offender. He is also known as the Milwaukee Cannibal or the Milwaukee Monster. Jeffrey Dahmer is infamous for killing, dismembering and eating body parts of 17 young men and boys. In 1992, he was sentenced to fifteen terms of life imprisonment for his crimes, totalling over 900 years in prison. However, Dahmer was killed by a fellow inmate, Christopher Scarver, on November 28, 1994, after serving just two years in prison.

About Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims

Jeffrey Dahmer murdered a total of 17 young men from 1978 to 1991. Dahmer’s victims were from several ethnic minority backgrounds with nine of them being Black. Most of his victims were strangled to death after being sedated while others suffered equally terrifying ends.

Jeffrey Dahmer Victims

List of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims

  1. Steven Mark Hicks
  2. Steven Walter Tuomi
  3. James Edward Doxtator
  4. Richard Guerrero
  5. Anthony Lee Sears
  6. Raymond Lamont Smith
  7. Edward Warren Smith
  8. Ernest Marquez Miller
  9. David Courtney Thomas
  10. Curtis Durnell Straughter
  11. Errol Lindsey
  12. Konerak Sinthasomphone
  13. Tony Hughes
  14. Matt Cleveland Turner
  15. Jeremiah Benjamin Weinberger
  16. Oliver Joseph Lacy
  17. Joseph Arthur Bradehoft

About Jeffrey Dahmer Victims

1. Steven Mark Hicks

Steven Hicks

Steven Mark Hicks was born on June 22, 1959, in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, the United States. He was killed by Jeffrey Dahmer on June 18, 1978. Hicks was 18 years old at the time of his death. He was last seen hitchhiking to a concert in Bath, Ohio. Hicks was Dahmer’s first victim, according to reports.

Dahmer lured Steven Hicks to his parents’ home, promising to drive him to the concert after they’d shared a drink together. Hicks agreed to have a drink with Dahmer and they also worked out together with some gym equipment in his room. According to Dahmer, he was attracted to Steven Hicks because Hicks was bare-chested. He also admitted that when Hicks started talking about girls, he knew his advances would be rebuffed. After a few hours, Hicks wanted to leave but Dahmer did not want him to. Dahmer bludgeoned him with a 4.5 kg dumbbell, knocking him unconscious. Afterwards, Dahmer strangled him to death with the bar of the dumbbell.

Dahmer then stripped Hicks’ corpse naked and then masturbated while standing above the corpse. Dahmer decapitated Hicks’ corpse and buried the remains in a shallow grave. Weeks later, Dahmer exhumed Hicks’ body parts. He dissolved the flesh in acid and then ground the bones with a sledgehammer. Dahmer flushed the acidic solution down the toilet and then scattered Hicks’ bones.

2. Steven Walter Tuomi

Steven Tuomi

Steven Walter Tuomi was born on December 19, 1962, in Ontonagon, Michigan, the United States. Jeffrey Dahmer murdered him on November 20, 1987. He was 24 years old at the time.

Dahmer met Tuomi at a bar and persuaded him (Tuomi) to come to the Ambassador Hotel in Milwaukee with him. According to Dahmer, he had no intention of killing Tuomi. He said that his plan was to drug him and have sex with him while Tuomi was unconscious. However, when Dahmer woke up, he found Tuomi dead, his chest bashed in and matted with bruises. It is believed that Dahmer killed Tuomi in a drunken stupor.

To get rid of the body, Dahmer got a large suitcase and took the body to his grandmother’s home. A week later, he severed the head, arms and legs off Tuomi’s corpse and then removed the bones from the flesh. Dahmer cut up the flesh into small pieces and then packed them in a waste bag. He then wrapped up the bones and broke them into bits and pieces, using a sledgehammer. Dahmer disposed of the remains (excluding the head) in the trash.

Two weeks later, in a bid to preserve the severed head, Dahmer boiled it in industrial detergent and bleach. He later used the skull as a stimulus for sexual enjoyment. However, the bleaching process did not go as planned and Dahmer later disposed of the head. Tuomi’s remains were never found.

3. James Edward Doxtator

James ‘Jamie’ Edward Doxtator was born on March 1, 1973. He was killed by Jeffrey Dahmer on January 16, 1988. He was 14 years old at the time of his death. James Doxtator was Dahmer’s third victim. He was a Native American male sex worker.

Doxtator met Dahmer outside a gay bar in Wisconsin. Dahmer lured Doxtator back to his apartment with an offer of $50 dollars to pose for nude pictures. Doxtator was drugged and then strangled to death by Dahmer.

A week later, Dahmer dismembered his body , disposing of the remains in the trash and then boiling the severed head in bleach (the same way he did with Tuomi. Remains of Doxtator’s corpse were never found.

4. Richard Guerrero

Richard Guerrero

Richard Guerrero was born on December 12, 1965. He was killed by Jeffrey Dahmer on March 24, 1988. He was 22 years old at the time of his death.

Dahmer met Guerrero outside a gay bar called, “The Phoenix.” He offered Guerrero $50 dollars to spend the night with him. Guerrero agreed and went with Dahmer to his grandmother’s home. Dahmer strangled Richard Guerrero to death using a leather strap. Afterwards, he performed oral sex on Guerrero’s dead body. Dahmer disposed of the remains in the trash, keeping the head. He then destroyed the head some month later.

5. Anthony Lee Sears

Anthony Sears.

Anthony Sears was born on January 28, 1965. He was brutally murdered by Jeffrey Dahmer on March 25, 1989. He was 24 years old at the time and an aspiring model. Sears was Dahmer’s fifth victim and the first victim whose body parts were retained.

Dahmer lured Sears to his grandmother’s residence where they had oral sex before Dahmer strangled Sears. Dahmer decapitated Sears’ dead body before attempting to flay the corpse. He stripped the flesh and got rid of the bones in the waste. Dahmer kept Sears’ head and private parts as a memento. Sears’ remains were recovered by the police upon Dahmer’s arrest in 1991.

6. Raymond Lamont Smith

Raymond Smith

Raymond Lamont Smith who was also known as Ricky Beeks was born in 1957. He was killed by Jeffrey Dahmer on May 20, 1990. Raymond Smith was a sex worker. He was 32 years old at the time of his death.

By this time, Dahmer has left his grandmother’s house and moved to Apartment 213 on 924 North 25th Street. Raymond Lamont Smith was the first victim Dahmer killed in Apartment 213.

Smith was lured by Dahmer’s offer of $50 dollars for sex. Dahmer laced the drink he offered Smith with sleeping drugs and then strangled him to death. Dahmer took pictures of Smith’s body in sexual positions before dismembering him. Dahmer boiled Smith’s legs, arms and pelvis before rinsing them. He then dissolved the skeleton in acid, keeping the skull with Sears’ skull.

7. Edward Warren Smith

Edward Smith

Edward Warren Smith was born in 1963. He was murdered by Jeffrey Dahmer on June 14, 1990. He was 27 years old at the time of his death. Smith was last seen in Dahmer’s company at a party.

Dahmer lured Smith into his apartment before drugging and strangling him, Dahmer placed Smith’s skeleton in a freezer for preservation but later dissolved it in acid after some months. Dahmer mistakenly destroyed Smith’s skull when he placed it in an oven in a bid to “remove moisture.” This did not go as planned as the skull exploded.

8. Ernest Marquez Miller

Ernest Miller

Ernest Marquez Miller was born in 1968. He was killed by Jeffrey Dahmer on September 2, 1990. He was 22 years old at the time of his death. Miller was a dance student.

Miller was lured by Dahmer’s offer of $50 dollars to listen to his heartbeat. Dahmer admitted that it was Miller’s physique that attracted Miller to him. Dahmer drugged Miller before killing him. He killed Miller by slashing his carotid artery, causing him to bleed out in minutes. Dahmer then took several pictures of the corpse before decapitating it. He kissed Miller’s severed head and spoke to it as he dismembered the rest of his body. Dahmer then wrapped Miller’s heart, biceps and some of his flesh in bags and put them in a fridge. He boiled the body parts in acid and then soaked the skeleton in bleach. He peeled the flesh from the skull and then coated it with enamel.

9. David Courtney Thomas

David Courtney Thomas

David Courtney Thomas was born in 1967. He was murdered by Jeffrey Dahmer on September 24, 1990. He was 22 years old at the time of his death.

Dahmer met Thomas in a mall and offered him 50 dollars to pose for nude photos. After drugging Thomas, Dahmer decided that Thomas was not his type and that he (Dahmer) did not feel any attraction toward him. Nevertheless, Dahmer killed Thomas, took pictures of the decapitation process and disposed of the body, not keeping any keepsake for himself. No remains were ever found.

10. Curtis Durnell Straughter

Curtis Durnell Straughter

Curtis Durnell Straughter was born on April 6, 1973. He was killed by Jeffrey Dahmer on February 18, 1991. He was 17 years old at the time of his death.

Dahmer met Straughter standing at a bus stop near Marquette University. Dahmer lured Straughter with an offer of 50 dollars to pose for nude photos. Dahmer drugged Straughter, cuffed his hands behind his back and strangled him to death with a leather strap. He then dismembered Straughter, keeping his skull, hands and genitalia for himself. Dahmer also kept photos of Straughter’s dismembered body.

11. Errol Lindsey

Errol Lindsey

Errol Lindsey was born on March 3, 1972. He was killed on July 23, 1991, by Jeffrey Dahmer. He was 19 years old at the time of his death. Errol Lindsey was the first victim Dahmer experimented the “drilling technique” on. Dahmer drilled a hole in Lindsey’s skull and then injected hydrochloric acid directly into his brain. Lindsey woke up after this procedure, saying:

“I have a headache. What time is it?”

Dahmer drugged Lindsey again and then strangled him. He then decapitated him but kept his skull and skin. However, he got rid of the skin when it became frayed.

In September 2022, Lindsey’s family spoke out against the portrayal of Errol Lindsey and his sister Rita Isbel in the new Netflix biopic about Dahmer.

12. Tony Hughes

Tony Hughes

Tony Hughes was born on August 26, 1959. He lost his hearing due to the side effects of some drugs that were administered to him as a baby (particularly gentamicin, according to some reports). Tony Hughes was an aspiring model and was openly gay.

Tony Hughes was killed on May 24, 1991, by Jeffrey Dahmer. He was 31 years old at the time of his death.

Tony Hughes met Dahmer at a gay bar and communicated with him by writing on a notepad. Hughes was lured to Dahmer’s apartment with the offer of posing for nude photographs. According to some reports, Dahmer and Hughes developed a close bond and he put off murdering him on at least one occasion before he eventually did it.

Dahmer killed Hughes by drilling a hole in his head and pouring acid into it. He had hoped to keep Hughes in sort of a “zombie state” where he would be alive but not fully responsive. The “experiment” failed and Hughes died in the process.

Hughes was left on Dahmer’s bed for three days before he was decapitated. Dahmer retained his skull. Hughes’ remains were recognized by his dental records upon Dahmer’s arrest.

Tony Hughes’ mother, Shirley Hughes said:

“I just wanted to know if he was dead or alive. The way he died, it hurts. Words can’t describe it.”

Tony Hughes was portrayed by actor Rodney Burford in Netflix’s “Dahmer: Monster”

13. Konerak Sinthasomphone

Konerak Sinthasomphone

Konerak Sinthasomphone was born on December 1, 1976. He was killed by Jeffrey Dahmer on May 27, 1991. He was 14 years old at the time. Konerak Sinthasomphone was Jeffrey Dahmer’s youngest victim.

Dahmer offered Sinthasomphone money to follow him home to pose for nude pictures. Konerak Sinthasomphone recognized Dahmer as the “guy who assaulted his older brother back in 1988” and was initially reluctant to go with him but later agreed after Dahmer’s persistence.

Sinthasomphone posed for some pictures before he was drugged by Dahmer. Dahmer drilled a hole in his skull and left to get more alcohol. Upon his return, Dahmer found Sinthasomphone naked and half-conscious on the street with some young women including Dahmer’s neighbour, Glenda Cleveland, trying to help him. Cleveland, at that time, had grown increasingly suspicious of Dahmer.

The women called the police and when the police arrived, Dahmer claimed that Sinthasomphone was his boyfriend and that he (Sinthasomphone) was just drunk. Surprisingly, the two police officers John A. Balcerzak and Joseph T. Gabrish believed Dahmer and escorted Konerak Sinthasomphone back to Dahmer’s apartment, despite the women’s protests.

When the police left, Dahmer injected Sinthasomphone with another bout of hydrochloric acid which led to his death. Dahmer then decapitated Sinthasomphone, keeping his skull as a memento.

14. Matt Cleveland Turner

Matt Cleveland Turner

Matt Cleveland Turner was born in 1970. He was brutally murdered by Jeffrey Dahmer on June 30, 1991. He was 20 years old at the time of his death.

Dahmer met Turner in Chicago. He offered Turner a chance to travel with him to Milwaukee for a photoshoot. Turner agreed. Upon arrival at Dahmer’s apartment, Dahmer killed and decapitated Turner, keeping his head and internal organs in a freezer.

15. Jeremiah Benjamin Weinberger

Jeremiah Benjamin Weinberger

Jeremiah Benjamin Weinberger was born in 1968. He was killed by Jeffrey Dahmer on July 7, 1991. He was 23 years old at the time of his death.

Dahmer met Weinberger at a gay bar in Chicago. He lured Weinberger to Milwaukee under the pretext of spending the weekend together. Dahmer drugged Weinberger, drilled a hole into his skull and injected boiling water directly into his brain. Weinberger fell into a coma and passed away two days later. Dahmer decapitated Weinberger a week later. Dahmer described Weinberger’s death as exceptional because he died with his eyes wide open.

16. Oliver Joseph Lacy

Oliver Joseph Lacy

Oliver Joseph Lacy was born on June 23, 1968. He was killed by Jeffrey Dahmer on July 15, 1991. He was 24 years old at the time of his death.

Dahmer enticed Lacy to his apartment under the guise of posing for nudes. Dahmer and Lacy engaged in sexual activity before Dahmer drugged him. Dahmer tried to knock Lacy unconscious by using chloroform. However, he was unsuccessful. He finally strangled Lacy to death with a leather strap. He then had sex with his corpse before decapitating it. He placed Lacy’s head and heart in the fridge and added the skeleton to his collection.

17. Joseph Arthur Bradehoft

Joseph Arthur Bradehoft

Joseph Arthur Bradehoft was born on January 24, 1966, in Minnesota, United States. He was gruesomely murdered by Jeffrey Dahmer on July 19, 1991. He was 25 years old at the time of his death.

Joseph Arthur Bradehoft was Dahmer’s last victim. Bradehoft was a father of three children who came to Milwaukee in search of a job.

Dahmer lured Bradehoft to his apartment where he strangled him to death. Dahmer left the corpse in his bed for two days. During this time, Bradehoft’s head had become maggot infested and smelled really bad. Dahmer then decapitated the body, cleaned the head and kept it in his fridge.

About Tracy Edwards – the man who escaped Dahmer

Tracy Edwards.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s encounter with Tracy Edwards would eventually lead to his arrest in 1992.

On July 22, 1992, Dahmer approached three men with the offer to pay them $100 dollars for their nude photos. Two of the men turned him down but Tracy Edwards accepted the invite. When he entered Dahmer’s apartment, Edwards detected a bad smell and some boxes of hydrochloric acid which Dahmer claimed he used to clean bricks.

After talking for some time, Dahmer distracted Edwards and then cuffed one of his wrists. Dahmer then tried to cuff both of Edwards’ wrists together but was unsuccessful. Dahmer led Edwards into his bedroom where Edwards noticed that a video of “The Exorcist III” was playing. Dahmer grabbed a knife, threatening Edwards to cooperate. He listened to Edwards’ heartbeat, telling him that he wanted to eat his heart. Edwards bided his time and then punched Dahmer in the face before running out of the apartment to the streets.

Edwards flagged down two police officers and led them to Dahmer’s apartment. The police officers found the pictures Dahmer had taken of his victims. Dahmer tried to resist arrest but he was overpowered and then arrested.

Where is Tracy Edwards right now?

Tracy Edwards has reportedly been homeless since 2002. His defence attorney stated that Edwards never truly recovered from his encounter with Jeffrey Dahmer. In 2012, Tracy Edwards was sentenced to one and half years in prison after pleading guilty to aiding a felon. Tracy Edwards’s whereabouts and what he is doing now are currently unknown.

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