LOL! UK learner driver shares how a fart made him fail the test

A British learner driver has taken to Reddit to share a hilarious story of how a “massive fart” caused him to fail the driving test.

Going by the username “steezefoot”, the poster narrated how he almost suffocated his female examiner after he let out the fart and struggled to open the windows but jammed them in instead.

I’m panicking, red faced and struggling to find the switch for the windows. I inadvertently push the LOCK for all the windows. So now I’m fumbling to find the switch and the examiner is frantically trying to open her window.

The Reddit thread can be found HERE.


The poster “steezefoot” has admitted he made up the story to make learner drivers in the subreddit laugh. He also disclosed that he is actually a driving instructor himself.

He wrote:

Aye. Im an instructor. Its just a wee story I made up to take the edge off folk doing their test. I do suffer from ibs though.

Despite the story being made up, some Redditors have asked others to share what they would have done if they found themselves in a situation like that mid-test.

The UK driving test is considered one of the most challenging in the world, particularly due to its comprehensive nature and the high standards expected by examiners.

The practical driving test involves demonstrating various driving skills and manoeuvres under the observation of a driving examiner. Candidates are assessed on their ability to control the vehicle safely, respond to different road and traffic conditions, and demonstrate good decision-making skills.

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