Why Gemini, Leo and Scorpio are the meanest Zodiac signs

Let’s start with the Geminis:


Gemini is symbolized by the Twins, representing duality. On one hand, this represents Gemini’s sweet strength of adaptability and versatility, but on the other hand, a rather dangerous position. The Gemini’s dual nature makes them appear unpredictable. You definitely do not want to get on the bad side of a Gemini – they have a way of making people disappear. Not literally, but they can completely erase your existence to them. Imagine being treated like you don’t even exist!

Secondly, Gemini is an air sign, associated with intellect and communication. They prioritize logic over emotions. This makes them appear detached or unsympathetic in situations that require emotional sensitivity. You can’t trick Geminis with cheesy sentiments – they can smell that from afar. Even when they are madly in love, they never lose their heads. They are reading and calculating everything you do. Any confirmation of inconsistency and they strike.

Known for their strong communication skills, Geminis have their way with words. They know the worst things to say to you that could make you lose sleep all night; while they themselves are not really hurt by words. Geminis are curious and always seeking new experiences. Falling in love with the Gemini can ruin you. One minute they are there and the next minute they are not. Geminis don’t joke with their independence and freedom. Once they feel stifled, they are gone.


Leos are known for their strong self-confidence and desire to lead. The need for dominance comes naturally for them and this makes them easily overbearing. They are arrogant and can easily become oppressive without even realizing it.

Leos thrive on attention and recognition. Their drive to be in the spotlight can make them appear self-centred or ruthless in their pursuit of admiration and approval. As a fire sign, Leos are assertive and bold. Their direct approach to matters can be perceived as aggressive or insensitive, particularly if they are focused on achieving their goals without considering other people’s feelings.

Leos are also associated with pride and a strong ego. When their ego is threatened or challenged, they often react defensively, sometimes too defensively that they become ruthless. Leos are ambitious and driven. Their determination to succeed can lead them to make tough decisions or take actions that could easily be viewed as cruel by others. Leos are also fiercely protective of their loved ones and their own interests. Sometimes, they can go to extreme lengths to achieve this.


Scorpios experience emotions deeply and intensely. This intensity can make them take extreme decisions or react harshly to situations.

Scorpios are known for their determination and focus. Once they set their sights on a goal, they can be relentless in pursuing it. Their single-mindedness and unwillingness to be deterred often means shoving off who or whatever stands in their way.

As masters of plotting in the dark, Scorpios are known to be secretive and strategic. They keep their true thoughts and feelings hidden and can take a long time to plot. And once ready, they will “sting” where it hurts the most.

As a sign associated with transformation and rebirth, Scorpios are not afraid of drastic changes or cutting ties when necessary. Their ability to let go of the past and embrace change can be perceived as cold or ruthless. But guess what, they won’t even care!

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