How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog : What Works In Nigeria

by Daniel Nkado and Victor Uma

It is naturally harder in Nigeria for new blogs to get fast traffic rise.

This may be because the Nigerian blogosphere is already dominated with thousands of blogs, some so similar in design and content you’d wonder if they are owned by the same person –this is especially true for the news and entertainment blogs.

It could also be because Nigerians are slow to take in new stuffs.

Now, if like us, you are just starting, here are a few things that have been working for us.

1. Carve out a niche for your blog

Diversity is good in blogging but it has to have a limit. Tailor down your blog to your interests. People can sense your passion from what you write.

2. Create original content

It doesn’t end with just getting traffic, you need to maintain a reader base—people who would always remember your blog and care to revisit. This can only be achieved by staying original.

3. Design

Design your blog to your theme but make it simple and user-friendly. Nothing turns new visitors off much easier than a dirty blog cluttered with disordered posts and images. Remember to also always add images to your posts.

4. Be present

Always be present on your blog. Show your readers you are there. Let them always feel your presence.

5. Make use of the social media

Share links to your post on social media platforms. Twitter and Facebook works best in Nigeria. You can also tell people about your blog on You should however not spam the board or else you’d be banned. Growtraffic is pretty nice too.

6. Participate in other blogs of similar interest

Search them and interact.

Blogging takes patience and creativity. Apply these two and it will surely pay off.

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