Short Story: Ruth

by Daniel Nkado

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10 Comments on “Short Story: Ruth”

  1. We shld nw beware of pies koh?
    beautiful one there Danny. The man shld av sought comfort in something productive and nt sleeping around. He has ended innocent lives.

  2. But why did she have to open her eyes and wait till she got a slice of the "pie"? And now she's angry? she exchanged her position as a wife for SEX and now she's angry that she got HIV? Serves her right in my opinion

  3. Why a married man will shag outside still baffles me; why he would do so without protection… God save us o!

  4. This story just brings the taste of some crispy pies I had at my auntie's last year. I'm salivating. Nice concept though there is far less conversation.

  5. Pie,pie1 to pie6 ?That is too much! But killing him did not solve the problem, you should let him face the traumatic condition with you!

  6. Now dt she killed him, who will work to provide money for dia upkeep. Always control ur anger, anger kills.

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