Meet Daniel Nkado in 60 seconds

by Gloria Ezeh

1. What is the meaning of your surname, Nkado?

I really don’t know. It doesn’t sound very Igbo, I know, but I like that it is unique. I once asked my grandmother and she said it meant ‘something well done.’

2. Bravest thing you’ve ever done?

I remember two. One, quitting my job to start DNB Stories and two, telling my parents about my secularity.

3. Proudest moment in your life?

When I got my first pay alert from my book sales.

4. Strangest rumor you’ve ever heard about yourself?

That I have a small d*ck!

5. Do you?

You would know, Gloria, wouldn’t you?

6. Of course I do. Tell me something about you no one will ever believe?

That I am still a virgin.

7. And you expect me to believe that?

Well…there goes your question.

8. Full meaning of DNB in DNB Stories?

Daniel Nkado’s Blog.

9. What do you consider the most guiding principle of your life?

The power of options.

10. Explain…

Realizing you always have options. If one person doesn’t like you, other people will. If you didn’t get that one job, better jobs will come. If today didn’t turn out well, there are tomorrows.

11. What is the most important advice from you regarding love and relationships?

Love, but with your head. Better to stay single than remain stuck in a toxic relationship.

12. What is the saddest truth about love and dating?

That it is extremely rare for two people in a relationship to share the same level of commitment.

13. Explain…

There is always one person who loves, or is loved more. Finding yourself on either side is no fun though.

14. What scares you the most in life?

Losing any of my parents.

15. Why do you write romantic stories?

I don’t just write about romance. In my stories you will find love, hate, betrayal, anger, self-realization, politics, all sorts. I always believe the magic of imaginative writing is being able to artfully capture all the things going on both inside and around us in a piece of work.

16. Best writing advice you can give?

Write as if you are telling someone a story. That way, it’d be easier for you to know the things to add and omit.

17. Favorite story you’ve ever written?

No sure I have a favorite — I put as much effort and myself into all my written works. However, ‘African Juju‘, ‘Greenland‘, ‘Ola‘, ‘The Village Girl‘ and ‘Something Bigger Than Love‘ are four of my works I really respect because of the things and time of my life they represent.

18. You say you support equality but don’t identify as a feminist, why?

Because I don’t have to. True equality is realizing there are as much men issues as there are women issues and it is pertinent that both are equally addressed.

19. What are your views on homosexuality and Nigeria’s anti-gay laws?

Someone I once knew told me how he wished all gays were assembled and burnt to ashes, only a few minutes after narrating to me how “sleeping with underage girls is the sweetest thing ever”. That shivery interaction with him inspired my writing the short story — “A Man of Honor.”

Countless times I’ve seen people use homophobia as a moral valium to feel good about their own sins and such twisted line of thought can be terrifying.

Scammers, murderers, rapists, etc. all want gays killed, without a single thought about their own hypocrisy. It’s all so crazy to me.

20. What superpower would you wish you have?

The power to grant everyone all their heart desires.

21. What is that one thing that you admire about you?

I’m always in my own lane. I don’t go by public opinion, nor do things because everyone is doing it. I am me and will always be. I wear what I like, eat what I like and live just the way I agree with myself.

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