Short Story: Juliana and her Big Proposal

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9 Comments on “Short Story: Juliana and her Big Proposal”

  1. So this is d amakadnb on NL.?
    wao. I can't close my mouth
    Juliana dey behave Mma.
    love the story. GO FOR WHAT U WANT.

  2. Finally, Sekinat is back. Welcome back, Ma. Really nice story only that it took her ages to finish.

  3. Dan, it's not "how fast" but "how well"…it may tak her ages to finish, bt the story is it up Joy

  4. Obviously @Aijey. Expect her next story in 2030 tho. Joy, sebi you dey hear abi.
    DNB wants our good writers to write more often for us.

  5. thank you Amakladnb (NL) for introducing me to this page albeit unknowingly. it is now like wine to me. sweet and irresistible

  6. Never loose hope,what is yours must return to be yours! But, ladies get out of your shells and stand for your hearts not only for your right!

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