NEW: DNB Personalities!


DNB Stories is young, yet blessed by great awesome readers. Outstanding personalities.

People that share our stories, buy our eBooks, donate to us, tell people about our blog, even send us encouraging messages.

This is our own little way of appreciating these outstanding personalities.

Starting next month, a new reader will be chosen monthly to grace our front page.

A brief bio will be included in the post and other readers will have the chance to interact with the personality.

Personalities will be chosen in-house, by our editors, and anyone from any work of life can qualify!

There is no special way to qualify, just always visit DNB Stories. And always try to comment and interact with other readers. DNB Personalities are like our blog ambassadors.

Important Tip: Always comment on DNB Stories using a Google Account so that we can easily contact you when you are chosen.

We will include only the information you give us in the post. The information we may seek from you include, though not limited to;

Your full name
Marital Status
Likes and Dislikes

A pretty image of you will also be required.

Happy New Month from the DNB Team!

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14 Comments on “NEW: DNB Personalities!”

  1. Abeg, if we don't have a pretty image nko, does that mean we ain't qualified? Just asking oo. Lolz.

  2. Pam, no o! Qualifying has nothing to do with picture. Once chosen, we will use any picture you give us.

  3. Prince, always comment with a Google Account so that we can easily contact you when you are chosen.

  4. Tanks Susan.

    nice one though.
    a great one from the DNB CREW.
    this will make pple to interact with each oda more.
    *am watching on 3D*

  5. You are in already, Iyke! All that is needed — visit DNB Stories regularly, read our stories, share them, interact with other readers, just represent us!

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