Announcement: About DNB Monthly Awards!

The DNB Monthly Awards recognizes the most powerful and awe-inspiring stories published every month on our site.

Monthly Awards post comes up on DNB Stories on the first day of each new month.

Wins are calculated from readers’ shares and comments, so to ensure your favourite stories win, all you need do is share and comment under them.

Categories of Awards are:

1. Most Read Story of the Month – This is the story that accumulates the highest number of views than any other story published that month.

2. Most Shared Story of the Month – Story with the highest number of social media shares in that month: Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn; Google+; etc.

3. Funniest Story of the Month – Story that our readers laughed out to the most in a given month.

4. Most Touching Story of the Month – Story that moved our readers the most in a given month.

5. Editors’ Pick – Now let’s explain what we do here. Each DNB editor is asked to pick two stories for this category. The story that appears in our choices the most becomes the Editors’ Pick of that month.


1. We are introducing the Most Outstanding Reader of the Month category – This recognition will be given to that one DNB reader that pulls us the most in any given month.

Now you have to know that in order to win in this category you have to be VERY active on DNB Stories for that month. You can call this the reformed version of our now defunct DNB Personalities Award.

2. Because DNB Stories has gone far beyond the borders of Nigeria, we are suspending the former prize-giving system in each category of awards for now.

This feature will be restarted as soon as we are able to globalize prize gifting so that anybody anywhere can receive the prize for his or her award.

We wouldn’t want anyone be “cheated” again.

Thank you all.

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9 Comments on “Announcement: About DNB Monthly Awards!”

  1. We your ardent readers are like *cotton wool that follows the direction of the winds* in your hands!
    I hope you understand, We are with you!

  2. It sure will be a Heerculean task for got because all Dnb stories are really good. We are with you all the way.

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