Poem: My Family

by Usman Inuwa

I see no changes in the water
Because we all live sincerely
We all live happily and comfortably
That no one can separate us.
We all share things kindly
That no conflict can display
We all have fun together
Till sunset.
Happiness flows around us
That people envy us
Charity is what we believe
That we cannot stop.
Fury is farther
Love is near
We all live joyfully
And we all rejoice.
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16 Comments on “Poem: My Family”

  1. This is the first poem [free verse] we'd be approving to publish on DNB. I hope you all enjoy it as much as we did.

  2. Just got to know this site, and I really need to buy some stories. So I want to know what happens after I've paid the money. And possibly a number I can call for enquiries.

  3. Hi, Anon, once you've paid, send an email to danielnkado[at]gmail.com indicating the books you want and the formats you want them in [whether PDF or ePUB].

    You can also use the contact form at the bottom of the blog.

    We will reply you immediately.

  4. Emmanuel, Gloria was too busy to talk last Friday. You will hear from her on Thursday during the games.

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