From us…

Today, we were supposed to roll out our next Chapter StoryQuarter of a Blue Moonbut something changed.

Normally, we go over a post at least four times before putting it up. This requires an appreciable amount of time.

We recently landed an editorial deal that is going to take away some time from us.

In this light, we may not be able to comfortably update two chapter stories concurrently.

Our ongoing chapter story – Something Bigger Than Love—will have to end before we can start another.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

All other post schedules remain unchanged.

However, to maintain our signature one post per day style, we have decided to finally start off DNB Games!


There are a good lot of us who can testify that adulthood can sometimes get boring; DNB Games will be a new addition to the ocean of fun we already provide.

Each game will last a week and will produce one winner. Winners will be announced every Thursday before the start of another game.

DNB Games will be moderated by Gloria.

We are all about powerful stories and game themes will be in this field.

Anyone who is interested is free to play, but you must comment with a name as anonymous players will be disqualified.

We hope that all our esteemed readers find this an adequate substitute to our usual routine.

Thanks for all the support.

Our June Personality will be unveiled on
Tuesday the 7th.

To those submitting entries to us:
We want to say that we are more about the story than the literary weight. This means that DNB Stories will more likely approve a simply written story anyone can relate to than a high-literary, all words and no direction piece.

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40 Comments on “From us…”

  1. Is that so? okay but I was really looking forward to today's update. Anyway, I trust DNB's judgement. Congrats on your deal. DNB making her fans proud since 12BC

  2. Must say that I am kinda sad but I respect your decision. I trust in time you ppl will b able to get more hands …looking 4ward 2 see what d game looks like…

  3. DBN STORIES Written by nigerians for Africa. Proudly Africans. Always putting der readers interest first.
    humbly i follow. Trust u to always give us d best.
    where is victor sef? It has been a whil.

  4. @Sekinat, Victor has been busy with editorial tasks

    @All, thanks a lot for the support. We appreciate.

  5. Like i said earlier, bring on any program here,we are solidly behind you guys. Games? ludo,draft,whot,puzzle etc. am waiting,just make it worthwhile!

  6. Yes, here is d gift dear – 00aa uu22 99mm 22yy
    Dat is a DNB recharge card of N1500. It will work exactly on dis day in the year 2006.

  7. Tnx Chief, but am already Victor o. Maybe u shud add -ria at d back of your own so that there will be difference

  8. Congratz on your editorial deal. Wondering what the game will entail thou, looking forward to it

  9. I wish u all d best.
    Bt this game which Gloria wan handle. Am getting excited already. Gloria is an handful her self coupled with d game. Chai i cant wait to see wat unfolds.

  10. No problem we will manage d game. Congrats and please keep entertaining us. This is now my most visited website. I like the style of posting simple stories jor…me no get time for big grammar.

  11. So far so good. Hmm I bet I will b d first winner. Who wanna dare me huh? @ Dan where is Madam ijeoma Ufudo

  12. Hahaha… UJ, you said it o, you must win.

    I think Madam Ijeoma is afraid of returning her crown so she has decided to run away with it.

  13. Congratulations on your deal. Looked forward to today's story but no problem we are with you guys the whole 9 yards.

  14. To say I am very proud of you dan & co is an understatement. You have put time and effort in making this blog extraordinary. Your structure and consistency has began to pay off. Keep it up guys…God will reward you in a big way sometime soon ijn. Thank you for taking the step towards the right direction and utilising your gift , I'm very proud to be associated with this brilliant progeny of yours. Please guys, let's take a cue from dan & co, no matter how small that gift of yours is, do something with it. Do not undermine it, it will take you to the top. God bless our hustle! DNB HAD BEEN SUCH AN INSPIRATION!

  15. Thank you so much, Vanny, for filling my morning with a lot of joy. Was touched.

    Thank you.

  16. Chai, Victor you're very stingy o, I reject that kinda recharge card. When is the game starting and can someone just tell me what's going to happen in' something bigger than love ' this suspense is not good for my skin ?

  17. *comes outta hiding to comment* aww I was totally looking forward to the new story but I respect your decision tho. Truth be told you guys have an amazing thing going on here. Congrats on the editorial deal. *goes back into hiding*

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