Kamaru Usman Biography: Age, Career, Marriage, Wife, Kids

Kamaru Usman

Who is Kamaru Usman?

Kamaru Usman is a Nigerian-American mixed martial artist. He is popularly known for being the former UFC Welterweight Champion having lost the title to Leon Edwards. As of August 8, 2022, Kamaru Usman is ranked number one in the UFC men’s pound-for-pound rankings.

About Kamaru Usman’s early life and parents

Kamaru Usman’s full name is Kamarudeen Usman. He was born on May 11, 1987, in Auchi, Nigeria. His father, Muhammed Nasiru Usman was a major general in the Nigerian army who became a pharmacist upon immigrating to the United States with his wife and three sons. Kamaru Usman’s mother, Afishetu P. Usman was a teacher.

Upon arriving in the United States, Kamaru Usman attended Bowie High School in Arlington, Texas. Later on, he spent one year at William Penn University, Iowa before transferring to the University of Nebraska at Kearney. As of August 2022, Kamaru Usman is 35 years old.

Kamaru Usman’s siblings

Kamaru Usman grew up with his two brothers: Kashetu Usman and Mohammed Usman who is also a mixed martial artist.

How Kamaru Usman started his career

Kamaru Usman started wrestling back when he was still in high school. After compiling a 53-3 record as a senior and coming in third at the Texas State Championships, Usman wrestled at the senior national level before leaving for college.

While at William Penn University, Iowa, Kamaru Usman became an NAIA national tournament qualifier in 2007 but he was unable to attend the tournament due to a snowstorm. However, half of his team and his head coach had left early for the tournament, leaving him behind. According to information gathered by DNB Stories Africa, this frustrated Usman and so, he left William Penn University for the University of Nebraska in Kearney. During his time at the University of Nebraska, Kamaru Usman placed top three in the country and was a two-time national finalist. After failing to qualify for the 2012 US Olympic Team trials, Kamaru Usman decided to go into mixed martial arts.

Kamaru Usman’s wiki profile

Full NameKamarudeen Usman
Professional NameKamaru Usman
Place of birth Auchi, Nigeria
Date of birthMay 12, 1987
Age35 years old
Marital statusMarried
SpouseEleslie Dietzsch
OccupationMixed martial artist
Net worth$3 million dollars (estimated)
Kamaru Usman’s wiki profile

About Kamaru Usman’s marriage and wedding

As of August 2022, Kamaru Usman is a married man. He is currently married to his wife Eleslie Dietzsch. It is speculated that they officially tied the knot in 2016 and have been together ever since.

Kamaru Usman’s wife, Eleslie Dietzsch.

About Kamaru Usman’s marriage to Eleslie Dietzsch

Kamaru Usman’s wife Eleslie Dietzsch is a Brazilian woman. According to reports, Kamaru Usman and Eleslie Dietzsch started dating in 2012. Later on, they welcomed their daughter, Samirah Usman in 2014. Usman and Dietzsch prefer to keep details of their relationship private.

According to reports, Kamaru Usman and Eleslie Dietzsch had their wedding in 2016.

Kamaru Usman and Eleslie Dietzsch got married in 2016, according to reports.

About Kamaru Usman’s children

As of August 2022, Kamaru Usman has one daughter named Samirah Usman with his wife Eleslie Dietzsch.

a. Samirah Usman

Samirah Usman was born in 2014 to Kamaru Usman and his wife Eleslie Dietzsch. As of the time of writing, she is their only daughter. Samirah Usman is currently eight years old. A video of Samirah Usman screaming after her father’s devastating loss to Leon Edwards at the August 2022 UFC Welterweight Championships caught the attention of social media users this month.

Kamaru Usman and his daughter Samirah Usman.

Kamaru Usman’s net worth

As of August 2022, Kamaru Usman has an estimated net worth of $3.5 million dollars. His main source of income is his career as a mixed martial artist.

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