Roommates: Episode 10


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23 Comments on “Roommates: Episode 10”

  1. Lol!I love your stories,I grew up in surulere where we have a lot of igbos,most of them are my friends and your storis remind me so much about them,I miss naija

  2. No cheat is worth crying for. Always watch oout for such defensive guys, they re always full oof surprises. Georgina, I love that gal.

  3. Who else feels this Josh guy is not what he seems…April had better watch it…waiting to see his connection with Georgina

  4. yes oh!
    today's update was great, Georgina!!! I just love the girl. She has no power but talks the most

  5. Hia, y did u stop nah? D suspense is too much to last a week biko. I really love this, nd georgi is my fav babe.

  6. LOL i couldn't stop lauging when abuchi said he is geo boyfriend. Eeehn so geo say dey fear, she should have own the generator now. Where did geo know josh oo, because i don't trust that gal….

  7. Geo is all fun biko…she adds something wonderful to dis lovely work..weldone DNB…suspense is so on point

  8. Can't stop laffing, dis Georgia won't kill person…. Am suspecting josh also, can't wait to see wat ravel btw em…

  9. …..not just boyfriend, fiancee too …. Lolssss. .abuchi ll definitely pay for embarrassing her may with d slice sh promised hm….lolzzz

  10. Ah! Georgina will surely pay for the 100k she dey spend anyhow…the type of nrs onwa can't be trusted to just give out money like that without getting what she wants. Fingers crossed till next week…can't wait to see how Georgina knows Josh.

  11. Georgina na razz babe josh n Georgina oya una two explain urself…aw big gal like georgy baby go b fiance for guy wey no get money.hahaha nice one dnb!!

  12. am back ooo…. i ve really missed much.. av nt being online… Glo mama hope u r doing well nd Mr Dan..

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