Thank You Message From Gloria!


I want to take today off to appreciate all DNB readers.

Daniel is not feeling too well, but I’m doing this on behalf of us all.

We cannot neglect the so much love you guys have shown us these past few months.

We are indeed grateful for it all.

For all your donations, Facebook and Twitter shares, BBM broadcasts, we appreciate them all. Our eBooks are selling, more and more people are hearing about DNB Stories and visiting our site, it’s all your work.

For all these we say a resounding Thank You to every DNB person!!!

DNB is all about her readers. The founder made it so, that is why instead of celebrating ourselves here, we celebrate our amazing readers.

But the greatest part of love is its return, and for returning all our love, we appreciate each and every one of you.

We appreciate you all and keep doing the great work!!!

Gloria and Victor 

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16 thoughts on “Thank You Message From Gloria!

  1. We appreciate! Please tell Danny not to hide his drugs under pillows oooooo cus we still need him here hale and hearty !

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