African Song: Terrorists on Rampage

by Olawoyin Tolani Mustapha

They have taken over our streets
Sons of a thousand fathers they are
Their faces masked, hands stained with death
Their bags full of explosives, in their heart no shred of mercy

Terrorists on rampage!

All over the north, their presence is felt
South, East and West not excluded
Cowards, I call them
Chickens living in shadow and evil

Terrorists on rampage!

Their looks strike fear and death
Yet deep down they are scared to death
Nothing qualifies them more than heartless
A disgrace to the womb from whence they’d come!

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14 Comments on “African Song: Terrorists on Rampage”

  1. Thanks @ the DNB team for editing and uploading my poem….gracias…..and for the cowards,their days are numbered.

  2. May the good Lord save us and ours from their hand, what we hitherto watched happen in distance land has come upon us.Tolani well done.

  3. I can still remember the sound of those bombs in my ears, its stuck in my memory. Every morning it happens, its like a morning breakfast for the people there, 3-6 times…they are really a disgrace to the womb's they come from.

  4. Wowing contemporary… I love your simplicity usage of words. But try to sound more poetic next time. Your free usage of words without deep thoughts left the piece more prosaic than poetic.

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