How to Detect a Hidden Camera in your Hotel Room

by Staff writer

With technology downsizing to smaller packages, protecting one’s privacy becomes a bigger challenge

This is a simple method of detecting a hidden camera in your hotel room with your phone.


Surveillance cameras usually use night vision for night surveillance.

They make use of infrared LEDs to produce infrared light, which can be only visible by a camera.

Turn your room completely dark—turn off all lights in the room.

Then start your smartphone in camera mode and point it around the room. If you see any red or purple lights (bright or dim) you could have spotted a night vision camera.


A smartphone with a flash can also help with spotting regular cameras.

You can also download some flashlight apps which can flash signals.

Start the flashlight app and set the app to rapidly flash the LED on and off.

Now do this in the dark room and flash the light against all the areas and from all possible angles.

If there is a hidden camera in the room, you should be able to see a tiny red dot or light reflecting back to you from the camera’s lens.


Placing a call to and then waving your device around a suspected corner also works.

Also know there are now gadgets available in the market that are specially meant for this method of spy camera detection. You could get one too.


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