12 most beautiful cities in Africa

by Staff writer

Following reactions from this earlier post, we’ve decided to come up with this personal list of the most beautiful cities in Africa.

To us, most beautiful loosely translates to most livable. Ranking is largely subjective, by the way.

Criteria employed include:

* Serenity and cleanliness of the environment

* Artistic beauty/sites of attraction

* Quality of means of transportation

* Nightlife and

* General hospitality of the people

#1 Cape Town, South Africa

#2 Port Louis, Mauritius

#3 Nairobi, Kenya

#4 Johannesburg, South Africa

#5 Gaborone, Botswana

#6 Libreville, Gabon

#7 Tunis, Tunisia

#8 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

#9 Windhoek, Namibia

#10 Kigali, Rwanda

#11 Calabar, Nigeria

#12 Accra, Ghana



Image credit: Flickr

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