What if we all disappeared?

by Hadmat Rajput

Close your eyes, inhale deeply and imagine what would happen if suddenly all humans on earth disappeared:

Here is my list. Add yours. 

1. My mobile phone will fall off on the ground as I will be holding it before disappearing.

2. Every aeroplane and helicopter will fall down (even it is on autopilot, sooner or later lack of fuel will bring it down).

3. My pet dog will remain locked in my home and slowly die of hunger.

4. Same for all the animals in the circuses and zoo.

5. Oxygen consumption will decrease a little in long run.

6. Mother earth will grow very dark and very silent. No unnecessary noise.

7. Pollution will cease.

8. On the road you can see (if you are not human) vehicles crashed and burning by accidents.

9. No more likes on my social media posts and no views and likes on Instagram and Facebook.

10. The astranoauts won’t know what happened and why no one is replying on earth headquarters.

11. My electricity bill will be huge, lights, TV, air condition will stay on forever; but thank God there will be no one to cut my connection.

12. No more tree cutting, so more greenery on the earth. It will lead to a huge wildlife population without interference of the humans.

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