5 words you probably have been pronouncing wrong

by DNB Editorial Team

English is hard, even to the English.

Here are 5 pronunciations you probably have been getting wrong the whole time.

1. Lettuce – a common plant grown for its edible leaves, usually eaten in salads

It is not le-TEWS but le-TIS

2. Quay – a platform that runs along the edge of a port or harbor, where boats are loaded and unloaded

It is not KWAY but KEE (key)

3. Epitome – a perfect example of something

It is not E-pee-tome but I-pee-tome

4. Alumni – plural of Alumnus

It is not Alum-NEE but Alum-NAI

5. Salmon – a type of fish

It is not SAL-mon but SA-mon (L is silent)

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