6 problems with Africa

by Chijioke N. Abanya

I’m an African, a Nigerian to be precise.

On a first glance, Africa should have it all. From a teeming supply of natural resources to a healthy dose of population, anyone could easily think this is the continent of choice.

But it is far from so. The should-be great continent is riddled with a lot of problems: unemployment, insecurity, corruption, to name a few.

In my opinion, the six major problems of Africa are:

1. Culture and tradition:

Culture is the way of life of a people, but it is not meant to be static. It should evolve always with time and tide, as is the case in so many other places.

If this is so, things like child marriage, gender discrimination and several other forms of human rights abuse should have become a thing of the past.

But in Africa, if there is one thing we love, it is doing the same thing over and over again. Change scares us.

2. Poverty mentality:

Even the so-called well-to-do citizens still think like poor people. This is the number one cause of greed and corruption.

The common African man constantly feels he is poor and needs to wash off all traces of poverty in him in every possible way he can.

Even with two houses in Abuja, till a third or fourth one is built in America or London, he or she has not arrived.

3. Horrible judicial system:

Everything is distorted in this central branch of government. The prisons are filled with innocent people while the real criminals roam around town free and admired.

4. Lack of discipline:

Welcome to the only continent in the world where you are criticized, if not killed, for ever trying to do things the right way!

5. Tribalism:

Africa is yet to embrace the exciting advantages of diversity. The central mindset of most Africans is:

“If you don’t speak like us, eat like us or dance like us, then you are not one of us!”

6. Religion:

The common African man does not understand that religion is just an abstract component of a society. The high regard for religion has caused a lot of issues in Africa.

People would rather go inside and pray to their gods, than come outside and create solutions for their problems.

The easiest way to get an African man to kill is using his religion, because anything said by a god or God is final. No need to ask further questions. Religion inhibits free thinking and hinders social development.


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One Comment on “6 problems with Africa”

  1. This is basically the problems with every other continent not just Africa.
    Anywhere people are found this problems will arise

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