6 ways religion makes people happy

by Ryan Rivera

At one point in our lives we may run into a brick wall called depression.

Some people use exercise and yoga while others try to keep their mind off on things that make them unhappy.

However, there are people who turn to religion as a means to get over depression. Is religion a great way towards happiness?

Here are some of the ways why religion is your best bet towards happiness:

1. Religion gives you a feeling of security

Knowing that there is a Supreme Being watching over you and that you can depend on Him makes our mind calmer and happier. The result of this powerful belief reduces stress and anxiety. Our bodies and minds amazingly react positively to the fact that we can rely on God to untangle the web on incomprehensible uncertainties and make sense of our existence in this world.

A believer can always get solace from other believers which add up to the sense of security amid all the insecurities in the world. A person can always depend on religion to make sense of what is happening in the world.

2. Religion can make you feel at peace with death

Any form of death is dreadful. No one in his right mind would like to die early. If given a chance, people would likely to aspire to live forever. Alas! Nobody lives forever and religion gives us the strength and glee in our hearts knowing that there is more to life. Religion underscores the promise of an afterlife which in essence makes death easier to accept.
3. Religion gives people hope

The good thing about religion is the fact that it celebrates the human spirit. This celebration helps people to realize their significance in the face of hardships and challenges. Religion is one driver of hope that there is always a Supreme Being that can be tapped through prayers and worship and bless us with great strength to hurdle the inequities of life. A true religion will always preach how we can live happier.
4. Religion gives us sense of purpose

People that have a sense of purpose are often the happiest. People that are able to reach their goals and dreams earn a sense of purpose and fulfillment. This feeling helps our mind to become healthier. Religion is a tangible symbol that people can rely upon that there is always a rainbow after the rain or light at the end of the tunnel. People become driven to achieve things for both personal and social advancement because of religion.
5. Religion tells us how to behave properly

Religion has canon laws and doctrines that outline how we ought to behave in public. The set of rules are often aligned with local or state statutes or ordinances for the benefit of public law, order and safety. When a society runs counter to the mandate of laws there would be chaos. The submission to canon law and doctrines is a way to teach people to respect authority, human dignity and rights and preserve peace and order.
6. Religion helps people to become more social

Religion has a way to make people happy. It is able to build communities bound with a common belief system. From this community arises a connection that is duty bound to preserve each other’s welfare. Religion gives people the sense of belongingness that a lot of people seek in their personal lives. As people congregate regularly, connections are built especially between like-minded people in your congregation or church.

The bond can go beyond the confines of weekly worship services. Happiness is built from within and from outside forces that impact your life. Religion allows people to realize happiness because there is a Superior Being that hears more than what we say. We then have an epiphany that He would answer more than what we ask and give us more than we can imagine. This fervent hope that religion teaches us will give people great resolve and calmness in the hope that everything will be just fine.

Ryan Rivera used to suffer from anxiety attacks.

He now dedicates his life helping anxiety sufferers through his writings. You can reach him through his Calm Clinic Facebook account.

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