6 tips to help you find the perfume that suits you

by Antonio Centeno


Smelling nice is everybody’s dream.

But sometimes finding the best fragrance for your body and personality could prove a difficult task to accomplish.

Scientific studies suggest that every person can naturally select the perfume that works best with their natural body scent.

Another way to say this is that you are the best person to determine the scent that best suits you.

Don’t let others choose for you — there is a reason why gift scents sit unused for years.

Instead, use the opinions of others to reinforce or question your decision. Only if multiple people tell you your scent is off or a poor choice should you try something else.

Also don’t blind buy, which is when you purchase a perfume on someone’s recommendation without first trying it yourself.

The best method to find a new fragrance is to test if the perfume complements your natural body odor in person over the period of a day.

Department stores are great for this purpose. Just ensure you don’t buy until you are ready (it’s easy to fall for the first note).

The maximum number of scents to try at once is four, although I recommend only two (one on each arm) if you’re just starting out.

These tips will guide you in picking that wonderful product you’ve been dreaming about:

  1. Spray one scent on each wrist (and each inner elbow if going for four).
  2. Avoid the cards the department store provides to smell the fragrances. They enable you to only smell the top notes and not how it smells on you (remember, this is a chemistry experiment).
  3. Between smelling each fragrance, refresh your palate with something strong, like coffee or tea.
  4. Try to smell all the notes. Remember it is possible the scent can change over the next few hours.
  5. Walk around the department store and smell the fragrances at various intervals. Take notes on your phone or journal as to which you like and why.
  6. Purchase a bottle of your winner and start to wear.

Finally, wearing a fragrance is a process, not a destination. Most people end up owning and loving dozens of scents, so don’t feel you have to get it perfect with your first (or tenth) buy.


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