3 reasons creative people are often poor!

by Wansai Ounkeo

“Creative minds are not necessarily business minds.”

Here are 3 reasons creative people often fail financially:

1. Time Constraints

Building a business is extremely taxing and time consuming.

Creative endeavors are themselves, quite time consuming as well. This is one of the reasons why you just don’t see many creatives enter or do well in business.

2. Temperament

Another reason is one of temperament. Artists and designers, for example, are notoriously bad at reporting to authority, working within structure and offering consistency.

The ad and design agencies handle the creatives with kids gloves for this exact reason. If you let too many extraneous things from the business seep in, many creatives will quickly lose focus.

You do see a lot of freelance creative people because it suits their temperament better and in this capacity, they can manage to support themselves but rarely can it scale up into a full-on business at company strength because that interferes with their ability to actually do the creative work; which is why they are doing what they are doing.

Most creative people you meet are going to be nearly polar opposites of business people. It’s very rare to have someone who can do both and even then, they sacrifice their creativity in some capacity to get the business running.

3. Different Line of Focus

Also, their focus is different. To a normal person or a business person, their primary goal is to make money, naturally. And so, in many cases they will.

For a creative person, what is their primary goal? To improve their creativity and skill. And so, in most cases, they will.

As a rule, creative people are not primarily motivated by money. It’s just something they need. If they can get more, all the better but the energy they can use to chase money is used instead to chase creative accomplishments.

People who can be both creative and also have a good head for business are incredibly rare.


Wansai Ounkeo is a Designer, Online Marketing Manager, Artist/Painter/Illustrator, Digital Project Manager and Photographer.

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