Meet the man who invented ‘Copy and Paste’

by Staff writer

It is a technique used so often in day-to-day computer life that we now take it for granted, but can you really imagine a modern world without copy and paste?

You’d have to do a ton of more typing and memorization.

A lot of Nigerian bloggers will go out of business.

Many students will fail to submit their homework.

Facebook and Twitter will become terribly boring.

Very true is the fact that copy and paste has become a great part of the digital life.


But has it ever occurred to you to think about or even send greetings to the man who invented copy and paste?

According to Wikipedia, computer scientist Larry Tesler invented copy and paste in 1973.

He created the ‘Copy and Paste’ command while working for Xerox Palo Alto Research Center at some point between 1973-1976, the time he was developing GYPSY, the first document preparation system.

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