The true privileges of men

by Sujatha Shankar

As a woman, I truly believe, ‘Men are given special privilege by the Almighty’, and I envy them for the same.

Some of the wonderful ways in which men are privileged are…

1. Amazing Personality

2. Brilliant Mentoring Ability

3. Exceptional Business Acumen

4. Optimistic Outlook towards Life

5. Impressive Attitude

6. Impeccably Gifted Body

7. Killer Smile

8. Sexy Facial Hair

9. Divine Heart

10. Beautiful Soul

The above mentioned attributes of men are all brilliantly true! And in case, if no one has ever said that before, I want the world to know that men are ravishing too!

This might not be what you came here for, but I am not sorry…


Sujatha Shankar

General counsel, corporate blogger and a crazy bibliophile.

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