12 epic Jollof Rice fails

by Staff writer

Jollof Rice: It can be said to be the most significant thing uniting all of West Africa.

Though there are many variations according to region, which often is the cause of a lot of intense debates and online fighting, but NO, this particular post is not about which country’s Jollof is the most ‘authentic’.

Rather, I have only compiled photos from 12 times our Almighty Jollof has been disrespected by cooks and chefs around the world:

1. Okra? Wooden spoon? Whoever did this mess should be arrested and prosecuted.

2. You never leave Jollof this naked; it is a very dishonorable thing to do.

3. Watery Jollof? Very big crime!

4. You should never mash Jollof! Never!

5. Trying to make Jollof by mixing ‘ordinary’ white rice in leftover stew is a shameful act!

6. There is a limit to what you can garnish Jollof with. Having Sir Jollof looking like a child’s backyard project is unacceptable. 

7. Adding too much vegetables to Jollof is a criminal offense.

8. Please what is this?

9. Whoever did this nonsense deserve to be arrested!

10. Mixing fried rice and Jollof rice in the same plate is a big violation of culinary laws.

11. I hope they finally arrest whoever prepared this.

12. You can prepare rice and beans, but you must never call it JOLLOF!

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