Special Apology To All GOT Fans

by Daniel Nkado

This is a special apology to all GOT fans.

Upon its release, the pilot episode of Game of Thrones didn’t really fly with me.

It reminded me so much of the now seemingly over-used themes of numerous fantasy works flying around.

I didn’t give it the time and patience it deserved.

I didn’t stay long enough to get the true feel of anything…

I jumped right into it and then back out all too soon, carrying with me a heavy cloak of negative opinion.

But now, as the cheers and ratings have continued to soar, I went back to it and realized how wrong, and stupid, I once was.

As a fantasy writer myself I should have known better, done better.

I was supposed to give the series nearly as much effort it had taken the makers to create this other world.

The funny thing is it all feels kind of like a déjà vu to me now; I remember how the first person that I emailed my story, OLA, to had replied me back the same day, a few minutes later if I am not mistaken, to tell me that she couldn’t fall in love with the story.

As she explained, she couldn’t easily get into it, not in the same way she had done the time I emailed her The Village Girl and she started it.

She finally advised me to quit the fantasy genre and stick to my straightforward, easy-to-follow romances.

I remember feeling bad and sad, regretful of all the time and energy I had put into creating the world of Odu and its many attendant features, characters and conflict.

But only about a week later, when I had already started healing, my dear friend called me back and was screaming — literally!

Long story short, she told me how she had gone back to the story one boring evening and eventually forgot herself in the plot.

How OLA could now pass as the greatest thing she’d ever read in her entire life.

I was blushing.

So my dear GOT fans, I am truly, truly sorry for ever doubting your judgement and ever waving aside the magic therein lies in Game of Thrones.

I am completely repentant of my actions and seek only your forgiveness and ultimate induction into the great GOT fandom!

For winter is no more coming but already here!

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