How people feel before they die

by Christopher Mooney

I had a near death experience once, when I was pretty sure I was 20–30 seconds away from the end.

Like, I mean, I was completely sure I was about to die.

I remember my feelings at the time, vividly.

How could you forget.

1: I actually felt very calm

People are scared of death. But once you know it’s happening, and you can’t do anything about it, you will find peace. It was actually one of the calmest, most peaceful moments I can recall in my life.

2: I was very very reflective

When you hear the cliché of “your life flashing before your eyes”, that’s exactly how I felt. I reflected on my life, and who I was, and if I could have done anything better.

3: It sounds funny, but I also really had this “well, this is just my luck!” kind of feeling.

I actually found it kind of humorous. I was kind of laughing a bit, about how unlucky I was!


This experience actually helped me find a lot of faith. Because, although I was an atheist at the time, I didn’t actually feel like it was the end.

I wasn’t thinking in terms of my existence being over. I was almost feeling like I was just moving on from one part of my life, to the next.

I, kind of, had no fear, because I didn’t think it was that big a deal?

I know this sounds crazy, but all I can say is: when the moment came, my mind was completely prepared for it.

My brain kind of changed, and I understood everything, and was prepared for everything.

It’s almost like the human body/brain is completely prepared for its demise, but you don’t get to access this skill until you really need it!

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