HELP – My parents are going to kill me today!

by EmmyGod

I will try to be brief.

Last week Monday I transferred money (N280,000) from my mom’s bank account to mine through her phone using her First Bank mobile banking code.

It was without her knowledge because I was hoping to play a bet with the money and refund her back after I win.

Actually, this is not the first time I’d be doing it.

I have been doing it and it has been working out for me but unfortunately for me, luck wasn’t on my side this time around.

I lost the whole money to the game.

Then last week Thursday, I transferred another N300,000 to my account to see if I can regain the 280K back, but I also lost the money.

On Saturday, when I tried to transfer 100K to play another game I was very sure I will win, to my surprise when I input the code all I got on her phone was the message:

“You have been denied access to use this service. Please contact the bank for more information.”

I don’t know what went wrong.

Maybe it’s due to the earlier transfers I’ve made because my dad is also using First Bank and his phone is not saying that.

And this morning my mom has gone to work and she will need to transfer money to my senior brother through her phone.

I’m sure she’ll get the same response and might decide to visit the bank to see what is wrong.

I just don’t know what to do now.

I need you guys to advise me ASAP.

The worst thing is that I added First Bank to her list of blocked numbers so she won’t be able to get transaction alerts.

I then stored one of my numbers in her phone book as First Bank, with which I always send her alerts, after I had edited the balance amount.

But she has been wondering why her alerts which supposed to be instant do always come late now.

And she’ll be coming back home by 7 pm.

I’m very confused now because I don’t know what to tell her I used the money for.

And once my father comes back and hears this, I’ll be dead.

Please guys your advice is all I need now.

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