How to get the correct ZIP code for Nigeria

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The postal department of the United States uses ZIP codes to specify locations. But unlike the US, Nigeria does not use this ZIP code system.

The closest to ZIP codes we have in Nigeria is the Nigerian postal codes. While the US ZIP codes have five digits, the Nigerian postal codes have six.

Each city is Nigeria has a unique postal code and this number can be gotten from a side website provided by the Nigerian Postal Service.

Two nearby streets in Lagos can share the same postal code

To find the ZIP code for any Nigerian city, visit the Nigeria Post Codes website.

In most cases, the Nigerian postal codes will work where ZIP codes for Nigeria are asked, for example, if you are trying to order something online from an American company and the form requires a ZIP code.

If the postal code is not accepted, you will need to call or email the company to find out if they ship items to Nigeria before continuing.

Most other foreign transactions require a Billing ZIP Code and this is trickier because while the ZIP code for Nigeria marks a particular physical address associated with you, the billing ZIP code designates the billing address connected to your bank or credit or debit card.

What a Nigerian debit card looks like

Companies use the billing address to verify the authorized use of a payment card.

Nigerian banks and card providers usually do not check and confirm every customer’s billing address. We mostly just simply use the address we opened the account with.

In the case of a situation like this, if you input the regular Nigerian postal code and it did not work there’s just one more thing you can try.

Probably due to the constant conflict arising from getting the accurate ZIP code for Nigeria, the United States Postal Service has allocated unique codes for overseas countries that are used for processing billings and sometimes deliveries/shipping.

These country-specific codes come in 5 digits, mimicking the standard ZIP codes used in the US.

The unique ZIP code for Nigeria as allocated by the USPS is 00176.

You can use this code when booking an international flight, paying for ads on Facebook or buying things from Amazon, when the regular Nigerian postal code failed to work.

This post will be updated as more information about retrieving the correct ZIP code for Nigeria comes.

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