3 ladies share how it feels to be a lesbian

by Staff writer

How does it really feel to be a lesbian?

Three ladies share their stories:

1. Victoria says:

Despite what society tells you, I am really happy to be a lesbian.

I love being a girl that love girls.

Outside of my dating life, however, I don’t really feel much different than most people.

I have conversations with men; I have nothing against them.

I have conversations with women who I am just friends with.

And I have my girlfriend, whom my heart lies with.

It’s just life, it’s meant to be lived.

That is all.

2. Miss Sapphire says:

Being a lesbian doesn’t really make me feel any different from being a person. It just feels like I’m being me.

I like girls. I get nervous around girls I find attractive. I get butterflies when I see my crush, who is a girl. I guess that’s what it feels like.

Sure, sometimes it can be a little scary — especially when you come out to someone. Yet over time, coming out gets easier. In our society, being heterosexual is ‘the norm’, so you have to learn to accept that you are different, which can take a long time.

However, once you accept yourself as a lesbian, you start to live life to the fullest knowing that you are being honest with yourself and to the world.

Rock on.

3. Jasmine says:

Much like being heterosexual, being gay has its ups and downs.

Sometimes it feels pretty great!

I mean, girls are so pretty and I’m happy that I’m attracted to them!

But sometimes it also feels really shitty!

One, my parents are very Catholic and they believe that homosexuality is caused by a demon and that it’s a choice to stay possessed by this demon. For obvious reasons, I’m not out.

Two, the small-ass dating pool is also a minus. Sometimes finding new dates could become so difficult you have no choice than to start re-dating past exes.

Lastly, lesbian loneliness can be very real. I see the way straight girls flirt openly with guys and realize it’s just something I can’t easily do.

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