Strange Details Surrounding Princess Diana’s Death

by Twitter User – @POTFW_

Ten months after her divorce from Prince Charles (October 1993), Princess Diana sent a note to her then butler, Paul Burrell, foretelling her demise.

The letter revealed she was afraid, refused Royal security, and accused the Royal Family of planning to kill her.

The letters exactly predicted how she would be killed – that the British establishment was planning to kill her in a car accident!

Diana died on 31st August 1997.

Her death generated heavy controversy, but due to how much control the Royal Family had over the media and everyone involved, the matter soon settled down.

More crazy to this story was that the same butler that recieved Diana’s letters was turned away at the door of Prince Harry’s wedding ceremony. He was seen in a heated argument with security.

It is believed that Harry and Meghan had invited him but security didn’t let him in, due to his relationship with Princess Diana.

I believe the Royal Family commissioned MI6 and outside jackles/mercenaries to pursue Diana’s car that night in the Alma tunnel.

Henry Paul, the driver’s blood sample was also switched to perpetuate the lie that he was intoxicated.

The car was controlled from an external source. That car was one of the safest at the time, so the whole accident thing made no sense.

The firefighter claimed her injuries were not critical and thought she would have lived after massaging her heart.

Diana was placed in an ambulance, en route to the hospital where she succumbed to internal injuries. Her final words reportedly were: “My God, what has happened?”

Princess Diana was a maverick and couldn’t be controlled. She explosively stated that Charles was unfit to be king.

Her popularity reached another stratosphere and she was against most things the European elite championed.

She said she wanted to lead with her heart and conducted herself with exceptional regal grace.

No one is perfect but consider that she was manipulated to marry Charles at the age of 19/20.

She was fearless and sought to change the world for the better.

She could’ve been the pretty face, airheaded royal that stuck to protocol and became a puppet but was the complete opposite.

My full respect to her.


As written by Twitter User – @POTFW_

Views expressed are only the writer’s own.

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