Why Nigeria brought live chicken to the World Cup

by Zeus

Since news of the Russian government turning down request by Nigerian football supporters to bring in live chickens into the Kaliningrad Stadium of Russia, a lot of people have been asking:

“Why live chickens?”

“I thought we are Super Eagles? How did the chicken come in?” a Nigerian Twitter user wrote.

Remember that Nigerian supporters made the same request 8 years ago in South Africa before they were turned away at Ellis Park in Johannesburg.

While some have said the chickens, painted green and white (Nigeria’s national colors), would bring the players good luck, a few others have offered their own explanation.

“They [Russia] should know that we are eagles and we eat chicken!” one person explained.

“Just chickens and they are making noise,” wrote another.

“Wait till they see our lizards and snakes. Abi do they want our eagles to starve ni?”

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