5 important fashion and style tips for everyone in 2018

by Daniel Nkado

In a world fast tipping towards the clutches of insane hyper-consumerism, getting lost in the game has become sort of inevitable. A situation easily more pronounced in the world of fashion than anywhere else.

Here are top 5 fashion and style tips that will help you stay afloat in an ever-changing world:

1. Style is so much more than clothes

Fashion is for kids who don’t know what they want. Having a style, on the other hand, is reaching a comfort zone where you only wear things that completely suit your personality, lifestyle and resources.

2. Social media is not the Bible

Instagram is not the reality. Things may look so glam and chic online but in real life they are different. Wear what you want to wear because you truly want to wear them and not because some hot Instagram model did.

3. There are other important things in life besides clothes

Some people spend hours trying to choose the perfect outfit and in the end still come out looking so basic. If you spend so much time and brainpower to get dressed every day it means you don’t have a style to begin with. Get rid of things you can’t or don’t wear regularly and simplify your wardrobe to pieces you like. Keep your clothing simple, so you will have the energy to tackle life’s tougher problems.

4. Expensive doesn’t equal classy

You may spend millions on clothes and still come out looking trashy. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to look fantastic. Regardless of what’s trending at the moment, try to stay true to yourself and know what you look good in and what you like and stick to that.

5. You are not too good for second-hand clothes

Shopping secondhand means you pay little for more. You can easily find second-hand options of top brands like Chanel, Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein at only half the original price.

Also, since used clothes come from all decades, you can easily explore fashion trends of the past to express the unique person that you are. Though it requires some skill to be excellent at getting the best value.


Daniel Nkado is a Nigerian writer, journalist and chief editor at DNBStories.com.

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