What to do if you are being followed

by Staff writer

When walking down a quiet lonely street and you suspect you are being followed, there are a couple of things you can do to remain safe.

1. Remain calm and be sure you are really followed

To do this, you might turn away from your destination and then double back. If the person mimics your maneuver, then you have every reason to be alert. Now gather your thoughts, take a deep breath and plan your next move.

2. Try to escape

As soon as you could tell someone is following you, the best thing to do is try to escape. Increase your pace or run into a nearby shop or any public place you can find. Make sure you do not run into an isolated place. Aim for well-lit and busy paths and call out for help if you notice you are being pursued.

3. Wave down a vehicle and escape

Commercial motorcycles (okada) might be your best choice in you live in Nigeria as they can speed well and maneuver easily.

4. Guard all your valuables

Immediately you suspect someone is following you, you should put away all your valuables such as phones and expensive jewelry into your bag or pockets. This will help you escape easily without losing anything.

5. Do not turn to confront the person following you

When you confirm someone you don’t know who is following you, do not turn to confront them. Your goal at this time is to get away from them as fast and efficient as you can.

6. Avoid walking lonely streets and corners alone

Especially at night. Remain safe by going home early and walking in groups when you need to use lonely roads.

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