4 ways to NOT ruin your life

by Daniel Nkado

Nobody comes here with a function manual and neither is anyone living a pre-programmed life.

We are all here, slugging it out the best possible way we can, using the few resources available to us.

And because of that, we sometimes need direction.

Here are top 4 ways to NOT ruin your life:

1. Never give up on learning

Whether from the people that have come before us, or those after us, there is no limit to what we can learn from others. Our brains are plastic for a reason. We’re designed to take in new information, form new pathways, develop new skills to survive.

Read a book while on your way to work or scroll through DNB Stories. And never hesitate to ask someone the meaning of a word you just heard them use.

2. Never give in to addiction

Any form of addiction will damage your life. At first it can seem comforting, harmless and meaningless.

Until one day you try to give it up and you discover your addiction has gotten hold of a great part of you that you can never imagine. The panic and denial that set in is something no one should ever have to deal with.

3. Never stay lonely for too long

Our brains are wired to be in constant interaction with our own species, our environment and other species. Loneliness is the psychological equivalent of malnutrition, the lack of something we need to survive.

Spending too much time alone makes our primitive brains assume we’ve been kicked out of the tribe and will soon starve to death. Isolation can be so damaging that in its extreme form, it can even drive us mad!

4. Never stop enjoying every moment of your life’s journey

We’ve been conditioned to believe that more is always the answer, so we easily neglect what we presently have for the insane pursuit of what we yet don’t. We do this without realizing that there is no end point to more.

We keep working to buy things we don’t need to impress people we don’t even like, thereby turning our entire existence into the likelihood of a hedonic treadmill.


Daniel Nkado is a Nigerian writer and the founder of DNBStories.com.

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