Top 10 best movies of 2018!

by Staff writer

2018 isn’t really a bad year for movie lovers, if at all.

Here are top 10 great movies that came out this year:

10. Black Panther

This movie brought the much-needed deviation from the traditional big-screen superheroes who are always white we’ve been inundated with.

Featuring a nearly all-black cast, “Black Panther” is a radically different kind of superhero movie, replete with a proud Afrocentric twist.

9. Mary Poppins Returns

“Against all the odds, this is a very worthy follow-up to the original movie. [Emily] Blunt is pitch-perfect, as ever, in a film that all but insists you leave with a smile slapped on your face” — Olly Richards

8. Paddington 2

This is another delightful sequel that brought great cheer and charm to not just kids, but adults also.

7. Crazy Rich Asians

This movie has been described by many reviewers as “the movie that will make you fall in love with romantic comedies again!”

6. Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War earned all its hype with its blistering action, relentless humour, and mesmerizing performances from the cast.

5. A Quiet Place

“The film relies on the emotiveness of its cast, its inventive creature feature, some beautifully shot cinema, and a taut script to produce a fantastic horror film experience” — Shantanu David

4. Lionheart

Genevieve Nnaji’s ‘Lionheart‘ works so well as both a comedy and drama without even trying.

The humour flows naturally and it showcases the Nigerian culture and values in the most beautiful ways. The cast is great, the picture is beautiful and the setting is perfect.

3. Bird Box

“Contrivances and clichés abound, but Bird Box still manages to be a compelling, high-concept idea thanks to Bier’s faultless direction and impressive cast” — Linda Marric

2. Hereditary

Hereditary is a terrifically unsettling look at the howling despair of grief, combined with that good, old-fashioned fear of what demons we may have inherited from our parents” — Richard Lawson

1. If Beale Street Could Talk

“This beautifully acted, lovingly adapted drama about love, family, and (in)justice in America deserves a wide audience” — Sandie Angulo Chen
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