Gay man Andy Cohen reveals he is having a baby boy this year

by Staff writer

Emmy-winning American talk show host Andy Cohen has announced he is having a baby boy this year.

The “Watch What Happens Live” host who just turned 50 disclosed the news on CNN while hosting the New Year’s Eve special with Anderson Cooper.

“It’s a boy and I got to tell you something, I cannot wait to meet this boy,” Cohen said during the program.

“This is the biggest year for me.”

Prior to that, Cohen had earlier announced that he was having a child via surrogate, with an emotional announcement on Dec. 20.

“When I was growing up and when we were growing up … I just never thought it would be possible as a gay man to grow up and have a family,” Cohen said.

“And here we are in 2018, almost 19, and anything’s possible. And I’m so grateful to a wonderful surrogate that I’m working with.”

Cohen’s baby boy is expected early in 2019 and we wish him a happy journey to fatherhood.

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