5 things you shouldn’t say to someone with depression

by Staff writer

It could be really hard to know how to best help someone with depression.

Sometimes even the best intentions can go wrong and produce undesired results.

Here are 5 things to avoid saying to a person with depression:

1. Just cheer up!

Saying this betrays your ignorance of the condition while also suggesting that you do not think that depression is that serious. Depression is not just mere sadness that a victim can just shake off. It is much more deeper and even people who look extremely happy may be depressed.

2. Life is not fair

If there is anybody to better understand how unfair life is, it is the depressed person. So reminding them of this fact doesn’t help them cope with their illness.

3. Others have it worse

Everybody’s pain is valid so we should not make comparisons. Telling someone with depression that some other people have it worse is shaming and will end up worsening their condition.

4. You are just looking for attention

One thing to never do is judge someone with depression. What you see is not always the case. Even people who look very okay on the outside may be suffering from the worst case of depression and anxiety. Judging them is never helpful to the condition.

5. I was depressed one time

You might think this phrase is harmless, but it can come off as patronizing. Even if you’ve gone through a period of depression yourself, you should know that everyone’s experience of the condition is different.

Telling someone with depression this is making the situation about you and creating a thought that depression is not that serious.

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One Comment on “5 things you shouldn’t say to someone with depression”

  1. I find this post to be very useful and can personally relate to this. Each person has a unique story. Depression is caused by varying factors from an individual to another. It is so serious that only those who have gone through it can understand, to an extent what another faces. The ability to cope with and deal with this varies with personal strength and experiences.
    In summary, if you cannot say anything upbuilding, just be a quiet shoulder to lean on.

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