Twitter apologizes to ‘God’ after suspending his account over LGBT tweet

by Staff writer

There is an account on Twitter that goes by the name “God” known for posting satirical pieces about religion.

“God” is back on Twitter after being suspended for an LGBT he made during Pride month.

The tweet said: “If gay people are a mistake, they’re a mistake I’ve made hundreds of millions of times, which proves I’m incompetent and shouldn’t be relied of for anything.”

Twitter initially thought the post was hateful and said “God” had violated the rules before suspending the account.

Twitter later sent an apology and said that the support team had “made an error.”

“God” posted the apology from Twitter, and added his response has gone viral.

The post has been liked 44,000 times and retweeted almost 7,000 times.

“By the time I’m done with you, MySpace will laugh at your relevance,” said ‘God’

It read: “Don’t try to make all kissy-kissy with Me now, Twitter. It’s too late. You messed with the wrong Near Eastern Bronze Age sky-father-king projection. By the time I’m done with you, MYSPACE will laugh at your relevance.”

“God’s” response to Twitter’s apology has gone viral.

The account, which uses the handle @TheTweetOfGod, has gained popularity and almost six million followers for its posts making fun of organised religion.

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