21 annoying things Nigerians do all the time!

by Staff writer

As a Nigerian, I can assure you that we are not normal.

It could be a big struggle living among ourselves daily.

The good news is that even with our many faults, it appears we have finally mastered a way to function within ourselves.

Have we?

Here are 21 things Nigerians do every day that can annoy the hell out of you:

1. Giving unsolicited advice, even to complete strangers

2. Paying no respect to someone’s personal space.

3. Finding it hard to apologize for a wrongdoing.

4. Adults thinking they know more and deserve more simply because they are older.

5. Replying to questions with questions.

Question: Are you at home?

Reply: Where else should I be?

6. Preaching inside buses, trains, even inside Keke.

7. Always trying to jump queues.

8. Judging everybody, even strangers they do not know.

9. A fake sense of elitism — thinking they are special because they patronize only foreign movies, music, etc.

10. Being both annoyingly and hypocritically over-religious.

11. Struggling and fighting over front seat in public buses.

12. Playing loud music in a public setting.

13. Quick to go the corrupt way.

The entire Nigerian population (from the top to the bottom) is on this table.

14. Mature men urinating on the roadside.

15. Meeting a friend and then contesting who is suffering more just to avoid paying for the drinks.

16. Asking for money at every slightest opportunity.

17. Calling someone at odd hours and asking if they are asleep.

18. Shouting “Do you know who I am?” at every slightest provocation.

19. Touching strangers without minding how they feel.

20. Thinking because they are married or have had kids, they are now better than others!

21. Hailing you as “Boss” just to manipulate you into doing something for them.


Are you Nigerian?

What other things Nigerians do get you very annoyed?

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4 Comments on “21 annoying things Nigerians do all the time!”

    1. They tend to have a difficulty in minding their own business. And if you tell them to do so, they will get provocated/offended at every means ie in replies like “Do you know how many years i senior you with?” Or “How can a small boy like you talk tk me like that?”. It ticks me off everytime.

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