Man pretends to have cancer to stop girlfriend from breaking up with him

A south-east England man named Kevin Bevis has been made to face the law for pretending to have cancer in order to stop his girlfriend from breaking up with him.

Bevis who is 38 years old lied to his girlfriend Karen Gregory, 50, that he had terminal stomach cancer so that Karen would pity him and not end their relationship.

To maintain his lie, Kevin Bevis took 20 pills of unnecessary medication every day. He also made Karen go with him to fake hospital appointments and made her convince her friends that he was ill. Karen’s friends pitied Kevin and made charitable donations to him.

At the clinic appointments, Bevis would make Karen wait outside, claiming he ‘didn’t want her seeing [him] like that’.

Karen was doing some cleaning when she saw the pills Kevin had been taking and found out they were just vitamins and supplements.

Karen later took the bold step and ended the relationship after Kevin choked her in a violent attack. She also reported his three-year pattern of controlling behaviour and abuse to the police.

Kevin Bevis has been sentenced to 18 months in jail for assault and coercive behaviour. He is currently serving his jail sentence after pleading guilty to two offences of assault and one of controlling or coercive behaviour.

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