Lil Frosh’s girlfriend Gift explains why the singer beat her up

Lil Frosh’s girlfriend Gift who was recently beaten up by the singer has opened up on what really happened.

Gift who goes by the handle @thecutegeminime on Instagram (now deactivated) explained that she and Lil Frosh have been dating for almost 10 months.

Gift said Lil Frosh has been abusive all along but she kept making excuses for him, hoping that he would one day change.

Gift said Lil Frosh attacked her on September 15 after which doctors later diagnosed her of internal bleeding.

Read Gift’s account of what transpired between her and her ex-boyfriend, Lil Frosh:

”I KNOW I SHOULD HAVE SPOKEN EARLIER @lhilfrosh and I have been dating for almost 10 months now and he has been abusing me physically, mentally and emotionally. At first, I sincerely hoped he was going to change but he didn’t, it started with stripping me off my friends telling me who to talk and who not to talk to.

It grew to him beating [me] each time we had an argument, he’ll beat me, smash my phone, destroy my ring light, pour me water even film me naked and threaten to post, he has done right in front of @okikidft and it continued.

This happened last 15th of September, that led to the internal bleeding in my head, confirmed by the doctors. My manager spoke on my behalf with my permission and he is not to be blamed for anything he didn’t beg me to go and meet him no one did, not even my family, everyone advised me but I still did what I wanted hoping for change.

My family have been doing their best to get me in the best space and best health. Thank you to everyone that has reached out to me, has supported, and stood by me, I’m getting better now. JUSTICE MUST BE SERVED !!!”

Gift also denied the allegation that Lil Frosh caught her sleeping with his best friend and that’s why he beat her.

Read her posts below:

Following the domestic violence incident, Lil Frosh’s contract with his record label DMW has been terminated.

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14 Comments on “Lil Frosh’s girlfriend Gift explains why the singer beat her up”

  1. U don’t need to beat her like this nah, u know she is a girl u av spoil her beauty
    Is this how ur behavior is, if is me ooo, because if that girl still wait I no u will kill her, u spoil urself, ur wife
    This thing is too much ooo, am highly disappointed in u

  2. It just happen ..that doesn’t mean that you. Guys should hate him..he was the one that made a big mistake the first time by going to dmw ..he should have been with the marlians not saying what he did is good oo but davido shouldn’t have sack him..that’s very bad

  3. My guy you make a little mistake but,God known what happened between them,will are all human being.davido should have not sack him.guy adjust yourself

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