How to do a reverse image search without it being saved online?

Image search engines are not secure to use. The reason behind this is that the search engines would save your content in their database. If you want to make a reverse image search without it being saved online, you need to use online reverse photo lookup tools. There are many image finders available online, but not all of them are workable. Below we have mentioned some of the safe online image searchers that can help you search without saving the input data on their database!

The most secure reverse image search tools of 2021

The reverse image search engines save your input data to build up their database more. The reverse image search tools have no such requirement, and this is why they are safer and secure to use. 

Reverse image search tool by Duplichecker

The reverse photo lookup tool by Duplichecker is one of the premium services found online. This online image search tool is remarkably interesting and easy to use. As it is a cloud-based program, there is no need for you to save or install the photo finder on your system. You have to open the search by image on your device, and from there, you can start uploading the content you need to search on. You can make an input based on images, keywords, and also the photo URL. This Image finder is famous because it shows results from more than three different search engines, including Google!

Reverse Photo Lookup by SER

The search by image tool offered by is an online tool that can help you find image-based results without limitations and restrictions. This is also a cloud-based tool that can help you make a visual search on a browser on any operating system. This tool has no limits in its use. You can do millions of visual searches in a single day with this tool. This tool has integrations with different image search engines, and you can get results from any one of them. This image search tool’s working process is also easy, so you do not need to learn anything to run this program. 

Reverse image search with SmallSEOTools

SST’s reverse image search is another online service that can help you make an image search without saving your input online. This third-party tool is very much reliable and can be used by all sorts of users. It doesn’t matter that if you are new to the idea of reverse image search, the tool has a clean and elaborate interface that will teach you how to run the program without any restrictions. This reverse image search tool can cater to all three inputs, including images, keywords, and URLs. You need a browser and a strong internet connection to run this program on any of your devices.

This reverse image search tool is website-based. This tool offers designated image searching services, and so you can use this website solely for visual search. You don’t have to stress your images’ privacy as this website tool would not save your image inputs in the database, like other image search engines and websites. Your search input remains safe and secure until you get results. Once the tool gets you image relevant results, it would automatically delete the input from its interface. This online program is extremely easy to use, and there is no need for experience to run this program!

Getty Images

Getty Images is a photo stock website. You must know that this online website is free and can be accessed by anyone who wishes to find images or results relevant to their images. This website tool has integrations with over billions of image-rich pages, and so you can find images relative to any niche or category. This tool is also famous for providing safe and secure services to its users. Your input images or even text is kept private by Getty images! If you want to get the best images for your blog or website, then you need to use this service!

Reverse image search by Tin eye

The tin eye is the oldest running image search tool available on the internet. You must know that this image search tool is famous for finding image plagiarism, and this is why website owners live with this tool. This reverse photo lookup tool can cater to image-rich inputs. The tool cannot cater to textual input to find images, and this is considered a drawback by people finding the right images for their blogs. This online reverse search tool can also work directly with Google chrome as an ad-on extension. This tool also protects your image-based input from being stolen from the search engine or hackers!

All of these image search tools can help you make a lookup by keeping your privacy intact!

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